facebook group-Becker CPA Review is ruining my life

facebook 有很多有趣的group 開懷大笑 

Becker CPA Review is ruining my life


How to tell this group is right for you:

1. You realize that Peter Olinto is right, and spend your Friday and Saturday nights studying (Sunday-Thursday, too)

2. You have a strong propensity to drive your car into oncoming traffic when you think about Becker.

3. You have at least 10 highlighters on-hand because each book requires at least 3 or more.

4. You now use notecards, something you haven’t seen since freshman year of high school Spanish class.

5. Your friends have stopped calling.

6. After taking one section of the CPA exam, you drink for 24 hours straight.

7. You look forward to tasks that you previously hated because it prevents you from having to do Becker.

8. You refer to your current abode as the "House of GAAP."



女生吃冰吃多了,每個月好朋友來就別想好過!連續二個月得到慘痛的教訓之後,堅持不喝冰的東西及 ice cream 果然就好了。看過一篇文章說女生冰冷的東西吃不得,冰的東西和體內溫度差很多,對身體是大傷,另外喝太多冰的也會累積小腹脂肪,真的是很划不來。

Windows Media Player 把CD變MP3

啟動Windows Media Player ,【工具】【選項】  




工具–> 選項 –> 擷取音樂 –> 擷取音樂到這個位置


專注完美 近乎苛求 (The Passionate Pursuit Of Perfection)— Lexus 在台灣的廣告詞
有時想LEXUS 是不是我們這星座的人發明出來的 電燈泡
現在能體會為什麼很多藝術家寧願毀掉不完美的作品 重新再創作 現在正在要求自己達到完美的境界
有這想法出現時 於是就能吃苦耐勞了 就很認命的耗下去  不達目標絕不罷休
 ‘do everything you can to make it happen’